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Asher House

Asher House

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Asher House is a high needs residential care facility for people living with an acquired brain injury.

The concept is based on the notion of “home” – private rooms face “the street” and are organised around a central square . Materiality, spatial variation, natural light and access to external views were carefully considered and added in.


Wherever possible views are extended through to the landscape – there are no blind corridors, they all terminate in light and vistas, and the individual rooms are rotated against the boundary to elongate the view shed and make the most of the limited landscaping area available on a tight site.

Back of house and support areas are designed to provide efficient, hygienic and safe staffing and operation, unobtrusive supervision, and refuge and relief for staff when required.

For some, Asher House will be home for the rest of their life. So we thought - what are the opportunities in the architecture to contribute to a life which is as joy filled, dignified and expansive?

Project Details:

Wesley Mission, Brisbane. Completed 2016.

Project Budget: