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North Brisbane TOD

North Brisbane Transit-Oriented Development

[ master planning ]

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This 13 ha station precinct presented a city-shaping opportunity to generate high-value jobs, provide well-located housing for future communities, make efficient use of existing transport infrastructure and strengthen Brisbane’s global competitiveness in the knowledge economy.

The Precinct will be a distinctive new Brisbane destination, creating a major employment, residential and community hub built on a foundation of economy driving jobs. It will transform a under utilised and disconnected train station into a vibrant new mixed-use, transport-connected precinct. Together with diverse housing for activation, the precinct will breathe new life into Brisbane’s northern suburbs through thriving public spaces and an economic base tied to the growing knowledge economy. Its relationship to established industry precincts will leverage its economic delivery and will activate the surrounding areas.

This area will provide the focal point for employment, knowledge based + innovation businesses to co-locate and grow in a range of work spaces.
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Residential uses will be located in the northern section of the site and will include a mix of typologies. The building design focuses on placing higher density residential use up to 8 storeys in the centre of the site and transitioning down to 3 storey, house-compatible building forms where interfacing with surrounding residential development.

A new central park providing substantial public open space is proposed in the centre of the site in combination with linear parks along higher order roads. This provides open space for public usage and amenity for residents and workers of the precinct and surrounding neighbourhoods.

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Project Details:

Confidential, Brisbane.
Proposal Completed 2018.