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Gold Coast Health + Knowledge Precinct

Gold Coast Health + Knowledge Precinct

[ master planning ]


The Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct is conceived as a vibrant urban centre for the research and development of the new knowledge industries for the greater Gold Coast region. The precinct master plan developed by Archipelago provides a place for buildings of the city to respond to a subtropical climate and relaxed coastal lifestyle.

A fine grained urban form permeates the precinct, with medium rise buildings interspersed by human scaled streets, and cross block links with green open spaces. Publicly oriented and outwardly focused buildings provide a generous ground plane and an engaged street address. This is key to delivering the designed environment for casual collaboration and serendipitous innovation; elements critical to the idea density of Knowledge Cities.

The Gold Coast Health + Knowledge Precinct will be a vibrant, world renowned community of ideas, life + innovation.

The Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct Master Plan is founded on a vision that embraces the tripartite promise of health, knowledge and industry working together in an active mixed-use urban precinct as an economic engine dedicated to the generation, dissemination and commercialisation of knowledge.

For this to be successful we must create a place that can offer a rich, high value, experience to those knowledge resources we wish to attract and retain. An intense, highly connected, ideas dense, research and development environment supported by industry, where collaborations cultivate and accelerate new knowledge in a living knowledge city, urbane and alive, in one of the most attractive lifestyle settings in the world.


Project Details:

Economic Development Queensland, Gold Coast.
Masterplan Completed 2016.