Disruption + Innovation

Peter Edwards
Founding Director


November 2023



Peter Edwards, Director and Josh Spillane, Senior Associate of Archipelago, recently sat down with The Urban Developer to discuss the opportunity for disruption and innovation in the delivery of new housing to meet Australia’s burgeoning needs.  

Archipelago currently has 12,000 dwellings on our boards. With a boiling pot of pressures on the construction industry; demand, rising costs, labour shortages and the need for sustainable, affordable housing solutions – innovative pathways towards smarter ways of building will have a stronger role to play in the future.

We have been actively engaged in the offsite construction industry and foster successful relationships with contractors and manufacturers delivering DfMA based processes, across a variety of project sectors and densities. 

Beyond the major advantages such as time and cost savings, and most importantly right now - certainty of delivery - there are many social, environmental, and economic benefits to offsite construction innovations. 

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