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Riverpoint Apartments

Riverpoint Apartments

[ Multi-residential ]

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Riverpoint on Ferry was stage 3 of an ongoing, medium density development.

These high-end apartments overlook the Toowong reach of the Brisbane River and feature unique river views, large amounts of natural daylight and river breezes.

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Archipelago was commissioned by Stockwell to review, reposition, and document a premium 50 unit high-density residential development overlooking the Toowong reach of the Brisbane River. When approached in 2012, our initial task was to reposition the existing scheme to reflect the evolution of market expectations and conditions since the initial approval. This involved substantial redesign of the internal apartment layouts, flipping of the building access / lobbies, redesign of the basement carparking areas and modifications to the external building facades.


Project Details:

Stockwell, West End. Completed 2015.

Project Budget: