City of Gold Coast


Gold Coast, Queensland

Traditional Place Name/ Indigenous Country




$19.5 million


Landscape Architecture

Urban Design


130-metre long, 5-metre wide bridge


  • 2021 Award for Infrastructure
  • Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (Queensland), 2020 Commendation for Urban Design - Public Project
  • Gold Coast Urban Design Awards, 2020 State Commendation for Urban Design
  • Australian Institute of Architects (Queensland Chapter)


Transformative urban infrastructure connecting people, culture and lifestyle

The Home of the Arts (HOTA) Green Bridge is a locally transformative infrastructure project that unlocks direct pedestrian and cycle access between Chevron Island and the Home of the Arts across the Nerang River through to Surfers Paradise. 

The Green Bridge represents the most everyday accessible transformation of the Evandale site. Whereas the Outdoor Stage is a citywide fantastic event destination that may be visited every few months, the bridge offers genuine everyday useability and citywide connectivity for everyone, regardless of their interest in engaging with the arts. 

Unique to the HOTA precinct is ARM’s all-encompassing adoption of nature’s most robust but delicate shape, the Voronoi, as a site organising principle overtly manifesting throughout almost all landscape and architectural elements. The complexity of adopting the Voronoi’s organic cellular structure is a challenge that passed through from ARM Architecture and CUSP as the original bridge concept designers to Archipelago as landscape architects and architects engaged by the Design and Construct (D&C) Contractor, Georgiou Brady Joint Venture.

Beyond the complexity of articulating the Voronoi arrangement throughout all the bridge design components to realise a holistic and master plan faithful vision, our design team led the curation and coordination of the art. This included selecting and briefing the artists, curating and convening the art selection panel, developing the selection criteria and ratifying the selection process and outcomes.

The Archipelago design leaders for this project worked creatively and closely with project artists Warren Langley and Jess Austin to collaboratively develop their winning concept of ‘40 million mornings’ and the surrounding landscape into a cohesive arrival experience that cossets the bridge within the artwork and a sculptural native landscape composition. 

Whilst the Bridge concept was from the outset creative, integrating the all-pervasive Voronoi aesthetic within the overall master plan, it is the deft yet dynamic integration of the artwork through and with the landscape and architectural composition that elevates the project from a functional river crossing at the master plan’s periphery into an iconic urban gateway moment, a fitting tribute to 40 million mornings and fit for 40 million more.

What were the challenges?

  • Minimising bridge landing footprint to avoid flooding and afflux impacts.
  • Balancing demands of D&C Contractor Client and City of Gold Coast 
  • Addressing reference design Privacy issues from overlooking of bridge into neighbouring residences
  • Undertaking artwork curation process to compressed timeline.

What were our solutions?

Archipelago’s leadership on this project was significant and successful but not without a host of unpredictable challenges, throughout the process our role as an intermediary between art, design and hardnose construction. We led the resolution of materiality, durability and general arrangement disputes, seeking innovative material alternatives and detailing, counselling the artist and the contractor in turn, mediating between artist, contractor and client to achieve a stunning design result made all the better by the challenges faced throughout the delivery.

How did we add value?

The HOTA Green Bridge master planning, design and construction significantly improves the safety and accessibility of Chevron Island’s residential and business communities to and from the HOTA cultural precinct and the wider Gold Coast. This revolutionary level of connectivity is driving increased footfall and economic performance for HOTA and the Chevron Island retail strip whilst concurrently delivering enhanced community lifestyle, liveability, and social interactivity.

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