Yeronga Heart Consortium for Economic Development Queensland


Yeronga, Queensland

Traditional Place Name/ Indigenous Country






Urban Design


Landscape Architecture


Whole-of-site masterplan, 5400sqm commercial building, 760sqm community centre, extensive public realm



A sustainable community catalysed around shared endeavour

Parkside Yeronga is an inclusive community-focused project on an existing urban redevelopment site. It will be a place that is sensitive to its context and respectful to its neighbours, demonstrating diversity done well. The unique combination of proponents will ensure diversity and choice of residential offerings - from private luxury residential, to supported retirement living for down sizers, to social and affordable housing – this will be a neighbourhood that is welcome to all.  Supporting the wider community will be a health-focused commercial building along with a new community centre that will provide a new home for support services, a local historical society, and a model train club, delivering a diverse and engaging range of community facilities. 

Archipelago has been engaged for the whole-of-site master plan which provides guiding principles and urban design framework for the development. In addition, our landscape architectural team have designed the connective tissue in a unifying public realm complete with lush subtropical landscape, street furniture and integrated artwork. Our architectural teams have designed a 5,000sqm health focused commercial building and adjacent community centre which will be constructed in 2023.

Master plan elements have been developed around a central axis providing connectivity to Memorial Park with framed views to the Brisbane CBD, and a significant public plaza space on Villa Street. A diversity of spaces along the plaza provides opportunities for large and small gatherings, enabling visitors of all abilities to connect through the space, complemented by lush sub-tropical landscape.

What were the challenges?

As a mixed use project with multiple proponents and approval layers, detailed coordination between our project team and neighbouring projects has been pivotal in ensuring a holistic design with carefully coordinated services across a topographically challenged site.In particular this challenging topography has required an innovative design solution to ensure that not only is equitable access provided but moreover it delivers integrated and high-quality amenity, and will present an undulating plaza with comfortable walkways.

What were our solutions?

Key to the development is an innovative public realm connection betweenMemorial Park to the south and the newly created Green Spine to the north that embraces an axial visual connection to the CBD skyline. This connection was and is a fundamental design strategy within the master plan.The public realm is inspired by and underpinned by the indigenous meaning ofthe word ‘Yeronga’ – a place of tidal sands. The public realm design has evolved from the master plan to deliver a richly layered and carefully undulating landscape that will be accessible and enjoyable for all ages, abilities and cultures through day, night, weekday, and weekend.Equitable access that is enjoyable, shallow in gradient and that achieves highamenity and engaging resting spaces, is a key and deliberate intention of the design.

How did we add value?

This revitalisation project is providing a key urban infill lifestyle precinct carefully stitched into the local urban fabric. The suburb features a wealth of historic built form and a memorial parkland the redevelopment of which unlocks city views from the parkland that have remained inaccessible for many years.

Rich in diversity and unified by green, our vision is underpinned by a series of innovative design strategies that provide a well defined, legible and connected frameworks of people oriented streets and places. The expansive publicly accessible managed productive gardens provide integrated new public parks and streets within the existing inner city fabric of Brisbane.

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