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Alyangula Flexible Townhousing

Alyangula Flexible Townhousing

[ Multi-residential ]


A new typology of small footprint, detached, and flexible one- and two-bedroom housing was developed as a response to the changing accommodation needs of the mining sector.

At Alyangula, the residential community for the mines of Groote Eylandt, the proposed de-camping of existing poor quality singles accommodation in the town centre released a significant area of land for a new residential typology to be provided.

The new flexible housing typology is aimed at the wide ranging accommodation needs that exist between the three- or four-bed family home of the permanent resident, and the weekly, rostered demands of the fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) accommodation.

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Archipelago was commissioned by Stockwell to review, reposition, and document a premium 50 unit high-density residential development Designed to provide for singles and couples as well as being sufficiently robust enough to accommodate contractors, visiting consultants, transitioning residents, and FIFOs, this housing precinct is proposed as an accommodation overflow reservoir to meet all conceivable needs in the mid to long term.

The challenges included strategies for prefabrication (to a very remote location accessible only by barge), low energy design, landscape and public realm design, and integration. The project also provided an opportunity to reinforce the unique architectural heritage of the town as a point of identity and difference for our client in a sector competing fiercely to attract and retain people.



Project Details:

BHP Gemco. Groote Eylandt, Gulf of Carpentaria, Northern Territory. Completed 2011.