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Alyangula Township Master Plan

Alyangula Township Master Plan

[ Urban design + master planning ]


The Alyangula master plan was commissioned during am Australian mining boom, at a time when the failure to attract and retain skilled and qualified workers was a major risk for remote mining operations.

The brief was simple — “help us make our town a sought after, attractive destination of choice for people to live and work.”

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The master plan focuses on a fabric of public realm improvements that re-stitch the residential precincts and reconnect the life of the township to Alyangula’s most unique asset—its spectacular tropical waterfront setting.

Built in the late 1960’s to house the manganese mine workers and their families, Alyangula is a (very) remote mining town located on the north western tip of Groote Eylandt in the Gulf of Carpentaria. By 2010, the existing town fabric was languishing under pressure of unplanned, ad hoc redevelopment, the destabilisation of the permanent community via the introduction of transient FIFO workers, and the general change in lifestyle expectations amongst the contemporary mine workers and their families.

The master plan identified the qualities of the existing built form and natural environment that make Alyangula a special place, and provided a set of simple and graphical guidelines to assist future custodians in making decisions that will only serve to strengthen these qualities.


Project Details:

BHP Gemco. Groote Eylandt, Gulf of Carpentaria, Northern Territory.
Completed 2010.