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Built Form Review

Built Form Review:

Planning Exemplar, Inner Urban Density.

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Peter Edwards and Archipelago were commissioned by City Planning to undertake the City Plan Built Form Review. Our role was to provide detailed architecture and urban design guidance for the City Plan Review, Neighbourhood Planning process and Development Assessment. This guidance responded both to the new demands on built form in the accommodation of density in urban growth areas, as well as a general dissatisfaction with the quality of building outcomes yielded by the current controls.

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This report makes commentary on issues affecting built form outcomes in predominantly residential developments in those urban conditions that are responding to growth.

The subject matter is dealt with by interrogating the general issues influencing built form, and identifying what opportunities may be available. The situation for growth in the city is then investigated, and corresponding typologies tested, against those issues and opportunities.

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Three case studies that are typical of the poor outcomes that are being realised with present codes and approval processes are reproposed in sympathy to the identified built form opportunities. These case studies are costed and the cost impacts summarised. Finally, a gap analysis of a selection of relevant codes points to opportunities to revise and redress issues to encourage better built form outcomes.

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Project Details:

Brisbane City Council. Brisbane, Queensland.
Completed 2010.