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Highfields Cultural Precinct Draft

Highfields Cultural Precinct [Draft]

[ Urban design + master planning ]

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The Highfields Cultural Precinct [Draft] Master plan was developed to provide Council with a coordinated strategy for the provision of cultural facilities in the Highfields area, with a view to achieving the goals set forward by the Highfields, Meringandan and Meringdan West Local Plan. In collaboration with Urbis, Archipelago developed a draft master plan based on strong built form and urban design principles; which emphasised community participation and use of facilities, increased legibility of the town centre, and improved place making opportunities.


The development of the master plan involved exentensive consultation with Council and community stakeholders.

The master plan aimed to address a number of issues identified in the urban analysis, such as disconnected and impermeable road infrastructure, public realm deficiences, and underutilised open space opportunities.

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Archipelago proposed a people-focussed master plan solution with a finer grained urban frame; improved legibility and wayfinding; flexible road infrastructure; high quality public realm; and increased density and activation around the town’s commercial centre. In addition, the plan included an extensive open space and green canopy strategy, built around the much-loved Charles and Motee Rogers Bushland Reserve.

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Project Details:

Toowoomba Regional Council. Highfields, Queensland.
Completed 2017.