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Maroochydore Central Precinct

Maroochydore Central Precinct

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Given the opportunity to build a new city centre from the ground up, why wouldn’t we make it the city of our dreams?

Archipelago was engaged to provide urban design and architectural input into the District Strategy Master Plan for the Maroochydore Central Precinct which is a 53 Ha site located in central Maroochydore and forms the future CBD and capital of the Sunshine Coast region.

Our original role to provide an urban design ‘brains trust’ expanded as a paradigm shift in thinking about the opportunity occurred, resulting in a revitalised urban design strategy for the precinct. Along the way Archipelago facilitated a unique ‘city-making’ workshop with councilors and stake holders. The event was provocative, engaging and highly successful.


Peter Edwards authored and led the innovative design workshop process utilizing three master plan ‘maquettes’ to secure the overwhelming advocacy of all Councillors for a new and innovative master plan design that dramatically reproposed the structure planning and delivered innovative open space strategies that provide improved land values, better integration of light rail, innovative built form responses, and distinctive public realm.

Born out of an innovative, hands-on workshop with councilors, the master plan for the city centre represents a highly successful outcome garnered around a high level of stakeholder advocacy.
Maquette_Master Plan Scheme.jpg

Project Details:

Maroochydore Central Precinct with Place Design Group, Sunshine Coast.
Completed 2014.