Economic Development Queensland


Brisbane, Queensland

Traditional Place Name/ Indigenous Country




$300 million


Urban Design



304 ha site master plan



A highly connected system of residential communities within Queensland’s largest PDA

Maximising density is not a design strategy of its own. This master plan is a study in creating value through design, through a broader range of approaches to modulating built form, orienting density to consolidated, high-quality, river-oriented open space and providing a wider spread of more diverse, more innovative, market responsive housing.

Archipelago + Lat27 were commissioned by Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) to undertake an urban design and landscape master planning study to provide open space and development master plan concepts and a preferred Concept Master plan for the North Shore Hamilton (NSH) Priority Development Area (PDA) Development Scheme Review.

This master planning process aimed to demonstrate that by applying a more innovative and responsive open space strategy to the accepted development yield, a significantly improved master plan outcome could be achieved, adding an overall improved value and market readiness to the subject land holdings.

Three provocative conceptual positions were used to test the boundaries of what was understood with respect to the potential of the built forms and open space. A series of design workshops identified potentials that were latent within the brief and unexpected in the context of the established way of thinking. Key qualities from each scheme were drawn upon to inform the Demonstration Concept Master Plan.

What were the challenges?

What were our solutions?

How did we add value?

Our master plan for the Northshore Hamilton PDA added an estimated $125m in value to existing government land holdings - Report by JLL, 2016