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Retirement Share Houses

Retirement Share Houses

[ Affordable housing + community ]

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A conceptual project testing the limits and possibilities around unconventional yet affordable aged-care housing models.

There is an avalanche of change being felt across Australia in housing older Australians. Our demographic bulge of older Australians comprises people who will live longer, wanting to be active, participating members in their community for as long as possible.

This emerging generation, particularly the Baby Boomers demand choice and higher quality. Existing models of retirement and institutional aged care in suburban areas are falling short of increasing market demand for facilities that facilitate ‘ageing in place’ with dignity and amenity. ‘Low care’ is diminishing—the pattern is changing to living longer healthier lives, with greater care needs in the dementia area.

House 6 - Street View.jpg
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This project investigated the possibilities of combining a typology such as a share house with the spatial practicalities of aging-in-place by unpacking traditional aged care facilities and incorporating the Liveable Housing Australia Gold standards of design into a residential model.

Some key design initiatives for the project were to:

  • Break down the barriers between older Australians and the rest of the community by embedding housing in inner-city suburban contexts rather than isolated aged care communities

  • Create communities where care is embedded in living environments, not set apart as an institution

  • Create communities that are seamlessly meshed with their surrounding areas

  • Design spaces between buildings to be activity spaces that people will want to use for exercise, informal interaction, walking, playing with their grand children and providing spaces where visiting family members can stay

  • Leverage our beautiful subtropical climate and vegetation by making inviting landscape spaces to support the health benefits of nature connection and support outdoor activities such as gardening

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Project Details:

Confidential, Brisbane.
Proposal Completed 2018.