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Sustainable Housing Project

Sustainable Housing Project

[ Urban design + master planning ]

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This project demonstrates innovations in affordable, compact housing that deliver sustainable density whilst preserving the sense of ‘home’.

Vertically integrated 3 storey terraces and compact houses provide the majority of residences with an individual address and ‘community identity’ whilst allowing flexibility for facilitated flat mates or work from home uses to act as mortgage offset strategies.

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Located on a 10ha site in Brisbane’s southern suburbs and adjacent to a significant retail centre and transport hub, this master planned, mixed-use residiential community targets the growing demand for affordable housing.

Rather than a Transit Oriented Development (TOD) this project is a Garden Oriented Development (GOD). The majority of residences access their own dedicated private green open space or overlook communal green open space. The opens space strategy anticipates urban productive gardens, water sensitive urban design outcomes and integrated e-ways for mobility diversity.

The open space network utilises green streets that link from gateways to a green common at the heart of the precinct as a primary framework complemented with laneways and residential mews. The master plan utilises medium rise built form to buffer the garden oriented community core.

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Project Details:

QIC. Brisbane, Queensland.
Completed 2017.