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Yeerongpilly Transit Oriented Development

Yeerongpilly Transit Oriented Design

[ Urban design + master planning ]

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Archipelago was part of the team responsible for the current Concept Plan for Development for the Yeerongpilly Animal Research Institute (ARI) site. This site sits in a context of river bend, golf courses, riverine open space and character suburbs, but is heavily constrained by significant road and rail infrastructure that work to isolate the precinct. In addition, the state’s capital tennis stadia makes for idiosyncratic public realm pressures.

The master plan reconciles the competing external forces to structure a place based urban centre that capitalises on its unique context through a responsive fabric of connecting and aligning streets, built form and open space strategies. The master plan also aspires to deliver transit oriented development (TOD) outcomes in the form of high quality residential accommodation; affordable housing; retail; commercial; entertainment facilities; and green space.

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In collaboration with Diecke Richards, Archipelago’s role was to provide urban design leadership, housing innovation and to assist in stakeholder engagement. Archipelago proposed the primary built form strategies for the master plan and was key to the development of the plan’s primary parti.


Project Details:

Department of Infrastructure + Planning. Yeerongpilly, Queensland.
Completed 2010.